Josef Love - The Grooves, Vol. 2

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Soundtrack to an introspective journey

Luleå's soul prince Josef Love follows up the autumn single "Story of a friend" with the new EP "The Grooves, Vol. 2”, to be released on November 5.


A soulful, organic soundtrack to an introspective journey that shows where Josef has been in recent years, where we move from melancholy, doubt and strong hurtful love to friendship and self-reflection. 

Josef says:
I look at the EP as a photograph. A still image of a memory, a frozen moment, but at the same time more an insight into the heart and the events of the mind instead of the superficial.

Since the debut EP was released in 2019, Josef Love has, among other things, had time to do a viral Idol audition as a tribute to his stroke-stricken mother and had the honor of playing in front of the Swedish royal couple.

The focus track on the EP is the searching "Inside Our Mind" which came about after the meeting with a woman who lived 19 years in an Indian monastery.

"After several weekends of meditation sessions, I suddenly saw who I thought I was, " Josef develops.“ The worm that helped and overthrew me until today. That realization was the grain of the song.

”The Grooves, Vol. 2 ”is produced by Jakob Erlandsson and is published in collaboration with BD Pop / DigiNorth.

Josef Love - The Grooves, Vol. 2

Release: November 5, 2021

Lyrics & Music: Josef Love

Production: Jakob Erlandson

Mix: Axel Jonsson-Stridbeck

Master: Hoffe Stannow

Jesper Göras - guitar

David Bergdahl - keyboard

Viktor Strandberg - bass

Vilhelm Ax - drums

Henrik Grahn - brass arrangement

Dan Johansson & Michał Tomaszczyk (Norrbotten Big Band) - brass section

Elvira Seger - brass section

Nike Sellmar & Ida Fjällström - backing vocals


Label: DigiNorth -

Press: Septembernatt PR - / 070-335 60 91