Tall Blonde - Ponderosa

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Photo: Martin Åhlin

Edgy and beautiful album debut from Tall Blonde

Tall Blonde's debut album "Ponderosa" will be released on March 25. 10 tracks of forest indie - raw and edgy, but still orchestral and beautiful - created in an old bakery-cottage in Måttsund outside Luleå in the northernmost part of Sweden.  

It can be difficult to see where Frithiof Stenvall ends and the alter ego Tall Blonde takes over. On the surface they are one and the same, but in the music another side - a separate being - emerges. Frithiof grew up in a Norrbotten wooden house around potato fields and wood stoves. Tall Blonde has kind of risen from an iceberg one day and just forced himself to be.

"When I look at the world, I kind of do not want to be involved", says Frithiof". I try to be more impulsive than the world allows. More organism and less algorithm. It sometimes feels like I'm floating around like a ghost trying to recognize myself".

Stenvall's way of understanding the present is to look back. The music picks from folk and classical pop, 60s and 70s. The soundscape is earthy, sometimes barren but usually fertile, carefully decorated and timeless in its melodic language, backed by broken beats, Beatles piano and flashy synth fragments.

"It has had to take its time and grow. I have refused to compromise and instead waited for the opportunity to pick the right musician for the right song, have real people playing the strings, find the right amplifier and get the right colors in the sound"  tells Stenvall about the album.

Tall Blonde about the focus track 'Ponderosa':

"The Ponderosa pine is a tree. A very old, strong and tough tree that does not give in to anything, that has seen most things and survived. I like to imagine that kind of love is achievable and waiting for me somewhere. From that dream we made a song that would feel like an old movie. Soaked, melancholy, a little noisy and raspy but strong and enduring. Like a tree."

Tall Blonde has previously released the EP 'Wonderful', and the singles "Daisies" and "Lucky Charm" from the album. He has also appeared on the cover of Spotify's 'Indie Highlights' and produced music for Sara Wohlin Zerpe, among others.

 "Ponderosa" is released in collaboration with BD Pop and K51 Music. 

Tall Blonde - Ponderosa

Link to preview

Release: March 25, 2022

Label: BD Pop / DigiNorth

Full list of album credits (musicians, producers, songwriters)

Press contact: / 0703356091


Press highlights - singles from the album: 

/… / An artist who pushes the boundaries of pop music. There is usually a hint of horror that is nicely embedded in stylish productions and internationally sounding melodies, an irresistible groove and ingenious arrangement that contains both dynamics and strong climaxes. Simply a unique sound /… /
- Tinsel Music Magazine


Both retro and raw in tone, the track feels refreshingly eccentric thanks to its nostalgia-tinged folk sound, making it one of the most interesting releases of the week.
- Alfitude

"You know that feeling when life catches up with you and there is a shiver through the body that makes you have to stop temporarily to catch your breath. Do you not recognize it? Nevermind in that case, I will at least be floored by Tall Blonde's new single Lucky Charm.
- Popmuzik