Ur Tajgan - Reign

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Photo: Viktor Johansson

The members of Ur Tajgan live in separate ends of this road, and as the band met up in the BD Pop studio in Luleå in the spring of 2020, the sound of the engine, the highway vibrations and the perpetual state of motion was still lodged in the bodies of the car-borne band members.

This brought the conception of ”Reign”, Ur Tajgan’s fourth single released on March 12, where the slow but steady forward motion of the rhythm section gets wrapped up in an atmosphere of ringing echoes, curiously exploratory melodies and dynamically tumbling choruses.

Reign was featured on Spotifys New Music Friday Sweden and Indie Highlights playlists on releaseday, and aired on Swedish national radio P3.


About the video:

"With simple, well-thought-out means, the artist Emma Wiggefors and filmmaker Martin Åhlin created an illustration of Reign.

The song's atmospheric and experimental expression has been captured by the video creators with extraterrestrial influences. A mixture of beautiful and ugly, an exploration of what may exist far away and what is close – a picture of the space that lies in between. Put on your spacesuit and meet Reign."

Ur Tajgan merges the classic with the contempary. blending modern indie with 60’s and 70’s psychedelia. It’s rhythmic, melodic and atmospheric. Rough but sweet, with a vividness and a live feel rarely heard in today’s musical landscape.

The band was formed in 2017 by brothers Arvid and Erland Lögren and released their first single ”Helios” the same year. Since then, they’ve released multiple tracks and live sessions. 

Ur Tajgan - Reign

Release: March 12th 2021

Label: BD Pop/DigiNorth

Music/Lyrics: Arvid Löfgren, Erland Löfgren

Production: Ur Tajgan & Joakim Brännvall

Mix: Ollie Olson

Artwork: Ur Tajgan

Press contact: Septembernatt PR /+46703356091