Tall Blonde - Lucky Charm

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Tall Blonde Press.jpg

Foto: Martin Åhlin

Reclusive Swedish indie-crooners return to the spotlight

Northern indie wunderkind Tall Blonde reveals ”Lucky Charm” - the new single from his upcoming debut album ”Ponderosa" - featuring Suncat, the lo-fi-alias of folk/soul singer Olle Nyman.

It’s about the dream we’re chasing, Suncat explains. Work ethic’s nice and all but sometimes you just need dumb luck.

Behind the moniker Tall Blonde we find country kid Frithiof Stenvall. The music moves between the barren and the blossoming, carefully orchestrated pop in a 60’s-70’s fashion ornamented with flickering synth fragments, dirty guitars and dusty vintage beats.

Tall Blonde is the part of me that doesn’t belong in the real world, Stenvall explains. It’s like he just stepped out of a frozen lake and forced himself into existence. More organism than algorithm.


Tall Blonde has previously released the EP ”Wonderful” and 5 singles, the last one ”Daisies” (featuring Rebecka Digervall from The Magnettes) also from the upcoming debut album "Ponderosa".

Olle Nyman has released the solo albums ”Venture” (Fargo) and ”Behind The Clouds” (A Westside Fabrication), played in The New Man and Mattias Alkbergs Begravning and featured on tracks by Movits!.

”Ponderosa” will be released in co-operation with BD Pop/DIgiNorth and Septembernatt PR.

Tall Blonde - Lucky charm (feat. Suncat)

Release: June 18, 2021

Label: BD Pop / DigiNorth

Text / Music / Production: Frithiof Stenvall

Press contact: / +46703356091