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The band Joykeeper was started as a duo by Simon Balvig and Malin Näslund, they started writing songs together and quickly realized that they wanted to develop the project with more band members. In 2018 they brought in Anton Jaensson and Linn Rampeltin and in September the same year they had their first gig in Malmö together.

Malmö-based Joykeeper will meet you right in the heart with texts about complicated relationships and shameful feelings. Music you both want to dance to and cry to. The songs tell of a reality where you can be free despite strict societal norms. The voices of the two lead singers are intertwined, either in unison or with rich voices. The song's strong energy appears in dramatic lyrics with an unartful and sincere expression. The band combines freely acoustic and electronic elements, which allows the sound to vary a lot, sometimes melancholy and hovering, sometimes intense and raw. Inspirations from other artists include Feist, Niki and the Dove, The XX and Lowly.




The swedish pop band Joykeeper strikes you in the heart with songs about complicated relationships and feelings of shame. The band raises questions regarding freedom in a world full of limiting structures. With small details in the arrangements a varied sound is created, the songs are both heartfelt emotional and groovy with attitude.

Joykeepers first single The Age is about everyone's right to autonomy over their own bodies. The song encourages you to resist standards on how you should look and behave, while making you want to enter the dancefloor. It gives the listener hope in a world focused too heavily on commercial beauty. The debut single is out 28th June 2019.

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