IMAGO's debut single "Eternity" was released on May 25 and got its lyrics from an 80-year-old collection of poems by Karin Boye. The text begins with the words "Once upon a time our summer was an eternity long" The trio interpreted the text as a longing to meet eternity with open arms and without fear and let the music follow the same feeling.

The trio has given Boye's lyrics new life with their unique mix of Swedish folk songs, barren americana and melancholy pop.

"Eternity" is followed by a 10-track album in September, where Boye poems become songs. A playful and searching album where each song stands out separately, but which together captures the trio's unique feeling and soundscape, where beautiful vocals and compliant melodies meet Boye's serious, hopeful and combative lyrics.

"With the album, we want to create a down-to-earth and intimate moment with Karin Boye's lyrics," says the band. “The compositions are an attempt to interpret the poems in a dignified but easy way. Like Boye's lyrics, the music changes from dramatic and intense to quiet and atmospheric. ”


The group consists of Siri Wallentén, William Bengt Nordlund and Julia Sandberg and was formed in 2017. IMAGO has since performed its compositions of Karin Boye's texts together. The trio's instrumental basis is found in guitar, piano, vocals and flute - but is complemented on the album by, among other things, banjo, lapsteel, pedal organ and strings. IMAGO's debut album "Tonight the sky has no costume" will be released on September 13 with BD Pop.


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13/6 - Källna church

7/7 - Stockholm Fish Festival

28/7 - TBA

14/8 - Herberga Kyrka

28/9 - Piteå Museum