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Filip Lundgren

Filip Lundgren debuted with the album "Where there is nothing else" in 2015, and has with a persistent touring since the debut traveled several turns across the country with both intimate solo performances and exploding full-band concerts.

After focusing on the duo Verkligheten, which debuted in March 2020 with "Let us fall together", Filip Lundgren will release new solo material on 27 November 2020 in the form of the single "You know what I'm thinking about".

After the debut, two largely synth-based songs were released (Jävla Värld and Om du vill), but on the new single Filip Lundgren takes a step back towards the punk-influenced band sound that is recognizable from the debut album.

Regardless of sound, there is one thing that is common to Filip Lundgren's music - the lyrics. The influences from narrators such as Mattias Alkberg, Hurula and Annika Norlin are reminded through the honest texts.

"You Know What I'm Thinking About" is the first of two new singles. Another single will be released in the spring of 2021.

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Said about previous releases:


"Are you looking for that last rocket that overturns your apartment with table dancing and roaring singing when you play it six times in a row among fimpar, foot blisters, folk beer at 04.15 and get neighbors to send giant nasty letters? Then maybe Filip Lundgren's future could be something? Classic Swedish indieuphoria (the branch in which Maggio is majestic) complemented by a world conscience. ” -Per Sinding Larsen, SVT about the single Jävla Värld


"It's young and direct. Windy in both lyrics and music. Shimmering northern country indie with barren framing, but with welcoming melodies." - Anders Sandlund, Piteå-Tidningen about the debut album "Where nothing else exists"


"... one of the best Swedish debut albums of the year." - Susanna Dahlén, POP MUSIC about the debut album " Where nothing else exists "

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