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When unemployment collided with distress during the singer Adrian Lindberg and drummer Johan Kallas' repeated coffee ropes during music studies in Piteå, Femöresvagnen was formed. They debuted in May 2017 with the single "Mammas gata" which was followed up with the self-titled debut EP in October of the same year.

On December 13, 2019, Femöresvagnen's double single "Dåligt ordförråd / Semesterfirare" was released - two songs that came to the summer of 2018 when Femöresvagnen took recording equipment with him and installed himself in a cabin in Saittarova, Tornedalen. "Poor vocabulary" describes a traumatic dinner scene, where the partner's parents wonder what will happen to one and the fear one then feels that the wrong words will jump out of one's mouth.

The B-page "Holidaymakers" tells about holidaymakers without respect for everyone's our beloved service staff during the Swedish holiday season.


On the double single, the melancholy and everyday realistic Kjell Höglund-scented lyrics are felt again from the debut EP, while the sound draws more to a more modern, well-organized chaos-rock sound.


Latest releases:

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