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Photo: Magnus Stenberg

Synth pop and Greek nymphs

Swedish electro quartet Neon Silver makes anthemic arena pop, merging influences from the 80's synth scene with modern Billboard sounds, where Carolin Rynbäck's soulful voice is backed by retro synths, modern beats and heavy percussion. On April 23, the band's second single, Echo, will be released.

Greek mythology tells of the nymph Echo, who is judged to never be able to speak for herself, but only to repeat what others have said to her.


In Neon Silver's second single, the story stands as a metaphor for destructive relationships in modern times.

The band tells about the single:
Echo is about how we act against each other. What social structures we see and repeat. How few of us actually have the opportunity and courage to live life to the fullest.

Neon Silver was formed in 2019 by members from Luleå and Gällivare and has developed the material under the mentorship of producer Ollie Olson (Darin, Christian Walz).

Released in collaboration with BD Pop / DigiNorth.

Neon Silver - Echo

Release: April 23, 2021

Label: BD Pop / DigiNorth

Lyrics / Music: Simon Lundmark, Carolin Rynbäck

Production: Simon Lundmark, Jonathan Wikström, Simon Eliasson, Carolin Rynbäck

Artwork: Jonathan Wikström

Press inquiries: Septembernatt PR - / +46703356091

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