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Filip Lundgren - You know what I'm thinking

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Filip Lundgren 2021-2

Piteå-based The Chickpeas Band releases the new single "I've been here before" on November 13 and takes the listeners on a nostalgic time travel.

The single begins in time as a young person when freedom means a constantly packed bag in hand. The time when the safe walls and the familiar faces is left for undiscovered adventures. Over the years, the world grows and the focus shifts. Old and new roads are intertwined, and finds their way home again. At home, where the wall paint is just drying, the bag is unpacked and together with new warm smiles, the scent of security comes in.

The song is recorded and produced by the band themselves together with Viktor Fagerlund at the home of band member Elin Grunditz in Alterdalen outside of Piteå in northern Sweden.

The Chickpeas Bands' music is described as scandicana about love, breakup and a life on the run. A new element in a transatlantic tradition of Americana where the character gallery has always consisted of storytellers, romantics and melancholic nomads.

The band is in its tenth year and has since the start spent its summers on tours along roads and rails. As children in sparsely populated areas, distances have always been important. The roads out into the world were few and the railway became a symbol of freedom and opportunity. Therefore, it was only logical that their first two national tours (summers 2012 and 2013) were carried out in collaboration with SJ (Swedish train company). Like the legendary folk singers of the 1940s, all journeys were made by train. In addition to gigs in the cities along the way, the band offered acclaimed concerts in front of packed bistro carriages.

Over time, The Chickpeas Band has gone from being restless souls to starting to take root - families have expanded and relocations have passed. Rooting also means challenges - jobs, everyday life and geographical distance. This has resulted in the band being transformed from a quartet to a trio - an emotional storm that led to creativity and a fresh start in 2020.

After two EPs, seven singles and two nationwide tours, the debut album "Desert Lands" came out in February 2019. In the spring of 2020, The Chickpeas Band won the local radio competition "P4 Nästa" with the song "Montreal".

The Chickpeas Band - I've Been Here Before

Release: November 13, 2020

Label: BD Pop / DigiNorth

Lyrics / Music: Elin Grunditz, Emil Kårén, Lina Larsdotter Åström

Production: The Chickpeas Band & Viktor Fagerlund

Mix: Gustav Afsahi

Master: Cosmos

Press contact: Filip Lundgren, Septembernatt PR -

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